Why Twitter arguments are needed…

Published May 30, 2018

During Twitter arguments, does it seem pointless to argue with someone, particularly if your goal is to help others see the light you’ve seen?

Well, these arguments do change minds. It happens every day. If you are involved in arguments on Twitter, it may not seem like it’s happening, particularly if insults, name-calling, or sarcasm is part of the argument. But it does. For every argument, there are hundreds, possibly thousands, observing that argument without saying anything. Proof wouldn’t require much more than looking at the number of impressions a tweet gets. Or comparing the number of likes/retweets as compared to the number of comments for most tweets. It’s in these trenches that minds are being changed every day.

So fear not. If you are involved in an argument, and can’t control your emotions, the content of what you have to say is still being observed by at least hundreds more in many cases. Provided every other word isn’t a four-letter word, or an insult as to why the other isn’t very competent, what you have to say can likely influence somebody observing that argument.

Influential people get constant direct messages that tell them how their mind was changed, and/or what specific tweet, video, or argument enlightened them. This is happening every day, probably a lot more than it’s reported on.

Do you agree that Twitter arguments are needed? Why or why not?