A spiritual dilemma

Published May 18, 2018

The Romance of Religion is now a Secular Faith. It’s more about Confessions of a Secular Jesus Follower than it is about the question, Did Jesus Exist?, or, was he Nailed? Is Jesus>Religion? Jesus Before The Gospels, the Zealot, seemed to cross the spectrum of Keeping the Faith without a Religion and Life’s Too Short to Pretend You’re Not Religious, but probably closer to How to Be Secular. God is Not a Christian, but it may be that Jesus Called, He Wants His Church Back, but What Did Jesus Ask? Why Can’t We Talk? Hell? No. How to Be Here? Cold-Case Christianity may lead to The Purpose Driven Life, even if there is The Myth of Persecution involved, but If it’s about Radical Forgiveness, then Let It Go, Lay It Down, be On Fire, be Learning from the Giants, and be Surprised by Scripture. Building Cultures of Trust and The God Pocket are not Half-Truths if you value Religion for Atheists from The Book of Books, or, if An Atheist Defends Religion, Books on Fire may answer the question, Why are You Atheists So Angry? The Unpersuadables, those who oppose Irreligion, are Without a Doubt, but do they know The Rise and Fall of the Bible? This is not the concern; the key is to be Undivided.
Let’s continue by Meeting Islam. The Islamic Jesus wasn’t The First Muslim. Answering Jihad, which makes you a Heretic, is A Call for Heresy. Stop the Islamization of America verges on The Complete Infidel’s Guide to ISIS, but neither is Islam, nor Islam Explained. The Search for Truth about Islam may just be Heaven on Earth. Children of Jihad, Don’t Panic, If the Oceans were Ink, then Thomas Jefferson’s Qur’an leads to The Myth of the Muslim Tide, but The Atheist Muslim becomes The Inspirational Atheist.
If we Imagine There’s No Heaven, The Handy Religion Answer Book and The Complete Idiot’s Guide to World Religions leaves us as The Agnostic Reader. Is that What Matters Most?
God is Not a Christian, Nor a Jew, Muslim, Hindu… Is it Buddha or Bust? No matter, Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, and Lao Tzu may agree that God without Religion is Grace without God. Bad Religion is Not in God’s Name, The Map of Heaven is not Proof of Heaven, and a Bridge between Worlds is The Better Angels of Our Nature. In summary, How Enlightenment Changes Your Brain during The War of the Worldviews is The Greatest Show on Earth.
Did Man Create God? The God Argument isn’t The God Problem. Is it The God Delusion versus The Dawkins Delusion? If There is a God, God’s Problem isn’t On the Nature and Existence of God; The Future of God, How “God” Works, One True God, may just be that God is Not One. Certainly, It’s Really All about God, even if God is Not Great, and even if we are Stealing from God. Gods in America is not Where God Was Born, but what if The Gods were Astronauts? Nature’s God, A God that Could Be Real, could also be, simply, God.

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