A biased project

Published August 12, 2017

The World from Outside Its Box is Inside the Box, When to Rob a Bank is The Tipping Point for Winning the Brain Game, and Thinking, Fast and Slow while you Blink is The Undoing Project. With that said, the question arises: Whose Mind is it Anyway? Many of us have a Blind Spot while we Drive and it is usually Emotional Intelligence, or lack of, that is the Invisible Influence. You are Not so Smart. Take time to heed The No Asshole Rule. If you do, you can smile knowing You are Now Less Dumb. But enough about Your Killer Emotions. Mind Over Mind is How to Change the World. The Comfort Trap is not The Antidote. 3 Keys to Defeating Unconscious Bias could be to understand How Emotions are Made, How Enlightenment changes Your Brain, and to Reclaim your Brain. This is The (Honest) Truth about Dishonesty. Suspicious Minds are not unique to The Unpersuadables. Outliers that perform Mind Hacking Think Like a Freak. It’s Kick-Ass Creativity for Originals. It’s like mixing Superfreakonomics, The Gene, and The Art of Significance, then calling it the equivalent of This is Your Brain on Sports while listening to Freakonomics and taking The Marshmallow Test. If I added just one Asterisk to the whole paragraph, it would be Innumeracy.



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