Book Art

Published August 7, 2017

You’re Born an Original (Don’t Die a Copy)! The Art of Significance is to Think Like a Freak! You were Sketched by Design! Be the Influencer, always work on Building Cultures of Trust, and, most importantly, Steal Like an Artist. … If we all become Undivided, our False Economy can become Kick-Ass Creativity. Outliers showing us The Element and Mind Hacking can also be Quiet, but The Tipping Point is that they are all Thinking, Fast and Slow. You Are Not So Smart; it’s Who We Be. Don’t Panic! Say This, Not That, and always question Why Can’t You Shut Up? Don’t always take a Left Turn; Hundred Percenters know It’s Not About the Shark. The Comfort Trap delays Broadcasting Happiness. The Great Divide may be The Price of Inequality, but The Price of Everything is The Speed of Trust. This I Believe is a Bridge Between Worlds. Take The Marshmallow Test, avoid The Distraction Addiction, and, without a doubt, You Are Now Less Dumb. We all have a Blind Spot; The Better Angels of Our Nature is The Antidote. The Rational Optimist will Have a Happy Family, by Friday




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