America the Beautiful

Published July 24, 2017

I live in the USA. I was born into, grew up in, and have been witness to the greatness that is this country. I remember the song that is this blog post title that started as a poem. I remember growing up never having to think about my freedom. It’s all part of my happy memories.

As I grew up I realized that many do not have the same luxuries as Americans have. I am no expert on the world outside of my country, or even all the intricacies of my country, but I do know that there are reports and books that claim and support how good we have it in this country. You don’t have to be an expert to realize this.

I have also observed that, judging by the last election, social media, the rise in overall anger, and feelings replacing facts, America is not so beautiful anymore. We’re a bunch of bitter old men and women who whine when they don’t get their way. When did we age? Our kids are no longer sheltered from the disputes. We explode, on average of course, when a bomb of disagreement starts ticking.

I think if more Americans were aware of how good they have it on this planet, at least for those living paycheck to paycheck or better, the average stress levels would decline, happiness would increase, and polarized biases, seemingly on the rise, would give way to collaboration.

This would probably all result in more charity from our country (last I read, a paltry $800 was the average family donation every 12 months), more empathy for those we disagree with, and less xenophobia and other biases.

I do understand the positive role of biases in defending freedoms. So, with all due respect to the men (and women) who have died (or served) to keep our country great, the title to this blog post is a lie.

Of course, it’s not all Americans filled with vitriol, but I believe we’re losing sight of what made the latter third of the last century, and the beginning of this century, so great.

If you disagree, is it blissful ignorance, because this blog is not worth your time, it is what it is, or that truth is so hard to prove?

Maybe you agree. If so, please answer some questions for the reader. Thank you for your time.

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