If the Earth was flat

Published July 11, 2017

Actually, this post is not about a flat earth. But it wasn’t a tool to pull you into my post. It’s a metaphor. It’s a metaphor for vision. The Earth doesn’t seem round (or more oval-like), for even if we were to travel around it, it’s flat wherever we look at any given time, even on a plane, miles above. So, save for astronauts, our vision cannot accept anything else. We have to accept it on intellect, or faith if we haven’t read anything, or something more than vision alone.

There’s quite a bit in life we accept on more than vision alone. We accept that the majority of other drivers on a two-way street won’t cross the double-yellow line, something vision most likely cannot help us avoid in time to prevent an accident if someone does cross the line. We accept that the majority of our neighbors aren’t criminals looking to exploit our weaknesses, as we walk past them daily without much fear of that in the majority of neighborhoods. Many of us even do this for strangers in many cities. We accept that our military will protect us from foreign harm, that our politicians will not make us less than a developed country, or that our jobs will continue. Many of us go about our lives never thinking about these things. These are things we accept on more than vision alone. We cannot “see” these things. Yes, soldiers die protecting us, politicians lie, and people lose their jobs, but it doesn’t discount the things we take for granted, or accept on intellect or faith. We accept our religions, too, as there are no eyewitnesses to the supreme beings of today’s religions that have supreme beings. We accept atheism too, as disproof lies with faith as well, for it’s a false negative, regardless the argument, due mainly to what I wrote in the last sentence. I’m not discounting the arguments either way, as many are convincing, but Truth is so hard to prove.

So what’s my point?

Even if I’m wrong on some of what I wrote above, tell me why, if at least a percentage of the things above are accepted on more than vision alone, why can we not accept that relationships, which we can see with vision alone, are the key to peace and love? People still yearn for war, appeal to conflict, fight one another over petty things, let alone things that lives are lost over. And the beauty of any relationship can be seen externally. To the point where great relationships can inspire us. If that can be seen, why aren’t more of us trying to succeed in EVERY relationship, not just the significant ones? Then, maybe things like the Golden Rule–something paraphrased in all religions and atheism (humanism for sure, at least)–and peace and love can become overwhelmingly the answer?


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