Reformed non-reader

Published July 7, 2017

So I recently got asked the question, “Why did you hate reading, and what changed?” I want to turn the question around to you, any reader of this post.
First, why do we hate reading? It takes too long? It is not exactly as much fun as things like sex? And it isn’t immediately rewarding, except for the few who get paid for it? If I missed anything, let me know. And if you don’t hate reading, prove me wrong and send me a message you read more than 50 books per year. Otherwise, you hate reading…in comparison to other life events, like TV, Sports, Netflix, and social media. The math doesn’t lie. 50 books per year would equate to less than one per week.

If I’m wrong, let me know. Feedback makes us all better.

Second, why do things change?
We grow up? Perhaps it took me 34 years for that to happen. (…when I started reading more than what was necessary…) Here’s the thing. As we age, we do read more. Bills, magazines, kids’ homework, jokes, mortgages, restaurant menus, phone contracts, etc. Aside from the finely printed items on contracts, we actually are reading…a lot.

But are those styles of reading getting us closer to things like religious tolerance, racial acceptance, and communication utopia, making us collectively peaceful at a fast rate?

Let’s see. Our latest president got elected because he pushed issues indirectly related to the first two, and for the third, all we need to do is say: political polarization. Sounds like we’re well on our way to religious tolerance, particularly since extremists everywhere crowd our rights (ISIS, Creationists, Anti-Semitists). Sounds like we’re well on our way to racial acceptance, too, particularly since we’re not so divided (stares at interracial couples, prison and darker skin tone relationships, lighter skin tone and domestic extremist relationships). Sounds like we’re well on our way to communication utopia as well (as if any party member respects the other).

I’m definitely open to other arguments/suggestions, and I’ll even post them here. But until then…

READ more. I did. Still am. I grew up. Still growing daily. Sorry it took me so long to start. Follow my lead, brothers and sisters. Start here!

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