This blog is not worth your time

Published July 2, 2017

It’s scant you will find anything in this blog that is worth a read.

Most of the blurbs aren’t even supported with material from a 300-book [since 2014] Reading List, which possibly makes them as trustworthy as The World from Outside Its Box, Kirkus Reviews.

Among the unrelated-to-current-trends topics –
Why citing a crime statistic as evidence the world is a bad place makes us less brilliant than the chimpanzees we share an ancestor with
Why citing anything as truth is both dangerous and serves to show only how little we’ve read
-Why the box and how it relates to LGBT has little to do with religion
-Why underdogs are among our favorites to root for
-And why the beginning of this blog is tragically horrendous

This blog post brought to you by Everything is Wrong.